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Program Description

The Kentucky Office of Homeland Security (KOHS) called for the forming of regional citizen corps councils in each region of the state. These councils work together to coordinate efforts to provide information regarding preparedness for individuals in the state and encourage them to volunteer and become involved in local citizen corps programs in their communities. As such, the Northern Kentucky Regional Citizen Corps Council was formed and is working to better prepare the Northern Kentucky region to respond to all types of emergencies. The Council, which consists of appointed local representatives, oversees five volunteer programs, including Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), Neighborhood Watch (NW), Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), Fire Corps, and Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS).

The NKRCCC is affiliated with the Northern Kentucky Area Development District and the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security.

Who does the Program Benefit / What are the Benefits?

The program benefits all people throughout the Northern Kentucky region. The main objectives of the Council are disaster preparedness, engaging volunteers in public safety, and response planning. In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, the volunteers assist emergency responders, police and the health department. Volunteers, from ages 18 and up, are regularly trained to ensure the most up to date response capabilities. The group is an interactive web of volunteer programs that can communicate and rely on one another. By having a trained and ready to go volunteer group, our community is safer, stronger and better prepared to respond to crime, public health issues, and natural disasters.

Contact Information

To receive more information about the NKRCCC or to learn how to become a volunteer, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 859.283.1885. You may also visit the NKRCCC website.

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