RFP - NKADD Banking Services

The Northern Kentucky Area Development District (NKADD) is requesting sealed proposals for banking services. Seven (7) copies of your sealed proposal marked "NKADD Banking Service Proposal" must be delivered to the office of the NKADD, 22 Spiral Drive, Florence, Kentucky 41042 on or before 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 6, 2019, at which time the proposals will be publicly opened. Late proposals will not be accepted.

All proposals will be evaluated on the extent of services offered as required by the Request for Proposal, the cost for each service, the amount of interest paid on all accounts, and additional services offered over and above these minimum requirements.

Request for clarification of these specifications shall be reduced to writing and emailed to NKADD at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All prospective financial institutions shall receive a written response to any clarifications. Other details are as follows:

NKADD Banking Services RFP (pdf version - 179KB)
NKADD Banking Services RFP (microsoft word version - 26KB)

Questions/Comments with Answers

  1. Please provide a monthly estimate of the volume of activity on your accounts.
    - On average, in-flows and out-flows of $1.5 million each.

  2. Please provide the number of checks, deposits, deposited items, online services, etc.
    -  NKADD Accounts – Per month
    • Approximately 300 AP checks, additionally payroll checks are direct deposited and total about 180 different line items per month
    • 8-10 deposits per month via Remote Check Deposit Scanner
    • 30-35 deposited ACH items
    • 4-5 online transfers between accounts
    • Wire transfers (no more than 2 per year)

    - CDO Account – Per month

    • Approximately 850 payroll checks

  3. Number of accounts?

  4. Average monthly balance?

  5. Number of checks written monthly?

  6. Number of ACH received monthly?
    30 - 35

  7. Number of deposits monthly?
    8-10 via Remote Check Deposit Scanner

  8. Number of checks deposited monthly?

  9. Dollar amount of cash deposited monthly?
    $0-$50 – It is our policy not to accept cash from vendors but sometimes we collect cash for employee events.

  10. Number of night drop monthly?

  11. Number of ACH originated items monthly?

  12. ACH origination frequency?
    3 times per month

  13. Direct Deposit: number of employees?

  14. Payroll frequency?

  15. Number of wires received: Domestic, International, Int FX?

  16. Number of wires originated: Domestic, International, Int FX?

  17. ACH Addenda needs?

  18. Number of Remote Deposit Scanners?

  19. Do you own scanners? If so, make and model.

  20. What type of Bank Recon?
    Checks Paid, Full Recon, File transmission? We do our own bank Reconciliation with monthly Statements

  21. Number of accounts on ZBA?
    Parent and Subs 0

  22. Can you provide a current AA statement of services and activity?
    We are not currently in an Account Analysis product

  23. Credit Cards:

    1. Preferred overall limit $30,000
    2. Approximate number of cards and individual amounts 6, $5,000
  24. Are you using online banking?

  25. Do you originate ACH credits or debits online?

  26. Do you produce the payroll inhouse or have a payroll service?
    In-house payroll

  27. How many checks do you deposit on a monthly basis?
    100 - 115

  28. Do you have fraud protection on your accounts Check Positive Pay and/or ACH debit block?
    No, but interested in prices for both.

  29. Number of credit cards issued.

  30. Annual spend on the credit cards.

  31. Are you paying vendors with a credit card? If so, what is the annual spend.

WIOA Local Plan


April 4, 2019 - In accordance with the requirements of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), a Strategic and Local Plan has been prepared for the Northern Kentucky Workforce Development Area on behalf of the Chief Local Elected Officials and the Northern Kentucky Workforce Investment Board.

Any comments regarding the plan must be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by close of business on April 17, 2019


St. Elizabeth Healthcare invests in NKWIB Projects

0305 WIB Release Photo

Northern Kentucky Workforce Investment Board members Andrew Aiello, TANK General Manager and NKWIB Chair; Barbara Stewart, NKWIB Director; and Vera Hall, Senior Vice President/Chief Nurse Executive, stand in front of the Wall of Champions at the Covington Career Center. 


St. Elizabeth Healthcare continued its commitment to investing in local workforce development with a $30,000 investment to support the Northern Kentucky Workforce Investment Board and improvements at the Covington Career Center, 1324 Madison Avenue. “We realize it takes a strong workforce to help keep our community healthy,” says Vera Hall, Senior Vice President and Senior Nursing Executive at St. Elizabeth Healthcare. “This investment demonstrates our commitment to supporting the community’s efforts toward building a strong and healthy workforce for our future.” The Covington Career Center is Northern Kentucky’s largest and most diverse workforce resource, a key revitalization element along the Madison Ave corridor and an accessible resource for local ‘at risk’ populations. “The investment allows the Career Center to continue providing employers and job seekers with innovative workforce development solution while strengthening the local workforce pipeline,” said Andrew C. Aiello, TANK General Manager, and NKWIB Chair.

The Career Center extensive holistic wraparound services forge the foundation with enhanced programs and collaborative partnerships. The Career Center’s partners serve employers and job seekers through the local Kentucky Career Centers. Job Seekers receive career coaching, job openings and leads, job referrals, resume services, job resource center, internet and Wi-Fi access, employment services for military veterans and individuals with special needs, networking and support groups, and career training (eligibility required). While Employers gain talent recruitment assistance, candidate pre-screening/assessment, free usage of interview conference space, coordination of job fairs/hiring events, access to the job-posting FocusTalent website, and dedicated Business Services Representatives.

About the Northern Kentucky Workforce Investment Board/Kentucky Career Center Network

The high impact Northern Kentucky Workforce Investment Board (NKWIB) drives the work of the local career centers and workforce investment system to prepare and connect qualified job seekers to the hiring needs of regional employers, resulting in the enhancement of economic development for our region.

Contact Information

Northern Kentucky Area Development District

22 Spiral Drive
Florence, KY 41042
P: 859.283.1885
F: 859.283.8178
TDD: 711
For general questions, please email info@nkadd.org

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Career Opportunities

Welcome to the NKADD Career Board. You'll find benefit information as well as links to current open positions within the Northern Kentucky Area Development District.

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