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The City of Elsmere is accepting applications for a new Chief of Police. For information and a copy of the job description please visit our website at

The Police Chief has the ultimate responsibility of the safety of the citizens in the City of Elsmere. The Police Chief manages and directs the operations of the Elsmere Police Department and ensures that all functions for the Police Department are legally,  effectively, efficiently, and safely performed. The Police Chief is responsible for the delegation and supervision of department employees through the enforcement of ordinances, statutes and policies. This position is under the direct supervision of the City Administrator.

Duties and Responsibilities
The duties and responsibilities listed here are intended to give general guidelines for the Police Chief. This is not intended to be a complete list of all duties and responsibilities that may pertain to this position and any items omitted can be delegated to the Police Chief by the Mayor.

  • Ensures that all ordinances, laws, and statutes from local to Federal levels are enforced and the public peace and safety is maintained.
  • Assumes responsibility for all Departmental services and activities, including enforcement of laws, statutes, and ordinances, crime prevention, criminal investigations, emergency communications, and other related law enforcement activities.
  • Directs, oversees and participates in the development of the Police Department’s goals, objectives and work plan.
  • Oversees establishment, planning and supervision of the police training and skill evaluation programs.
  • Provides timely, accurate and thorough Performance Reviews for department employees.
  • Reviews performance of the department and formulates programs and procedures to alleviate deficiencies.
  • Handles grievances, maintains Departmental discipline and oversees the conduct and general behavior of personnel and initiates internal investigations when appropriate and directs corrective action as needed.
  • Directs the development and maintenance of records and legal documents that provides for the proper evaluation control and documentation of Departmental operations.
  • Prepares and presents an annual budget for the department; directs the implementation of department’s budget; plans for and reviews specifications for new or replacement equipment, and purchase requests.
  • Responsible for reviewing and authorizing invoices and statements for the payment by the City Clerk.
  • Prepares and submits periodic reports to the Mayor regarding the Department’s activities and prepares a variety of reports as appropriate or requested.
  • Attends the first regular monthly meeting of City Council and any other meeting as requested by the Mayor.
  • Works with outside agencies and other departments to explain, justify and coordinate Police Department policies and activities and to negotiate and resolve any sensitive issues.
  • Works with a variety of boards and commissions, including attending and participating in professional groups and committees, and keeps abreast of new trends and innovations in the law enforcement field.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • Education
    • High School diploma or equivalency.
    • Kentucky POPS certification.
    • Executive level training conducted by the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training, Southern Police Institute, FBI National Academy, Northwestern, or other accredited executive level police training academy. Candidates must have attended prior to appointment or be enrolled to attend within 1 year of appointment. Successful completion is required to retain the position.
  • Experience
    • Minimum of 10 (10) years active law enforcement with a local, state or federal law enforcement agency.
    • Prior police supervisory or management experience.
  • Licenses
    • A valid Kentucky Driver’s license
  • Other Requirements (these items are to be performed by the City of Elsmere)
    • Background check.
    • Drug screening.
    • Psychological testing.
    • Kentucky POPS certified at the time of appointment.

All interested candidates please send a copy of your Cover Letter, Resume, and References to City Administrator Matt Dowling at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than May 15, 2020 at 5:00 pm

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